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Quality Healthcare Service for Your Family

Affordable and convenient care – pure and simple. Trust us to be your medical home.

Primary Family Care

Our primary care services coverage a wide range of family health care needs.

Acute Care

We are here in your time of need. Wether its sickness, a laceration or fracture, or internal pain - our team ready for your urgent needs.

Pure Prevention

A physical is the starting point for hearing what your body is telling you.

About Pure Health Medical

We Provide Primary and Convenience Care

Purehealth Medical provides affordable, convenient, and comprehensive care for today’s busy families.

Our team of healthcare professionals have been involved in the delivery of primary and convenience care for over 20 years.

Primary Care

Keeping your whole family healthy

Pure Prevention

Scheduled check-ups that keep you informed

Womens Care

Comprehensive care for women

Men's Care

Comprehensive care for Men

Medical Services

Our Primary Care Service

Committed to better healthcare for a better tomorrow

General Ilness

When faced with sudden, unexpected illness don’t go to urgent care. From stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea to sore throats, coughs and swollen glands, our team has the skills and resources to evaluate, diagnose and treat your illness.

Medical Check-ups

Wellness visits are sometimes confused with annual physicals. With wellness exams you can expect routine vitals such as height, weight, and blood pressure but they do not generally require a physical exam and fasting bloodwork.


Most people know that seeing your health care provider at least once a year is recommended, but did you know there are many different types of physical exams? Here at PureHealth patients can get the physical necessary for different situations and/or times in life.

Minor Injury & Accident Care

Accidents happen and sometimes require medical attention. From sprains to muscle strains, fracture, concussion, abrasions and other minor not “serious” injures requiring first aid, x-ray, and medical treatment.

Immunizations & Flu Shots

Vaccination protects from serious illness and complications of vaccine-preventable disease. Vaccines are not just for children; adults need vaccines too. Our providers are happy to discuss recommended immunizations, make an appointment today with your provider to review your immunizations record sheet..

Cholesterol & Hypertension Care

Lowering cholesterol can also lower blood pressure. Having high overall cholesterol does not mean a person is unhealthy, remember everyone is different. Having a primary, regular medical exams and staying on top of your health are key to maintaining a healthy heart.

How We Work

A Comprehensive Direction For Your Health Care

What to expect working with our team.

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Trust us, we are here to help and make things well again.

Our team of physicians and nurse practitioners are dedicated and focused on providing quality, comprehensive, convenient general healthcare for patients of all ages. Committed to patient prevention, wellness, and treatment

Dr. Bryan Burns

Dr. Bryan Burns

Medical Director

Dr. Christopher Rose

Dr. Christopher Rose

Medical Doctor

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